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10 Years of Fucking Good Art!
Our new issue is made for Play Time, biennale Les Ateliers de Rennes 2014, curated by Zoë Gray.

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Author: Rob Hamelijnck, Nienke Terpsma (Eds.)
Publisher: Fucking Good Art
Design: Nienke Terpsma
Producer: Art Norac
Financial support: Mondriaan Fonds
Distribution: Motto and Idea Books
Date of publishing: September 2014
Language: English / French edition
Pages: 160
Size: 11 x 18
Weight: 120 g
Binding: Softcover / paperback
ISBN: 978-90-817756-2-5
ISSN: 1874-0227

Product Description:
Are we working or are we playing?
There are many forms of play. There is solitary play and social play. Most of us artists work alone and decide, in our studio, the rules of play for our work each time. Social play is always back and forth; there’s an alternation of roles. How can we artist makes a play bow – like dogs do – and invites the audience to play?

In the globalized and highly professionalized art world the distinction between work and play is increasingly unclear. For artists, the distinction between work and play has always been blurry. This was not an issue until we all experienced that the art world is a perfect sort of R&D department for capitalism, and we the artists are the perfect work force for economic exploitation. What can we do about it?

It’s Playtime is structured around 4 conversations with people from different fields: Tijs Goldschmidt, Dutch writer and evolutionary biologist; Joris Luyendijk, Dutch journalist and anthropologist who writes for the BBC’s experimental Banking Blog; Evelyne Reeves, director of Le Bureau des Temps in Rennes; and Zoë Gray, English curator about her ideas for the biennale PLAY TIME. Its starting point are challenging quotes from the 1938 book Homo Ludens, by Johan Huizinga. We believe all four will give the reader enough input to think about these questions, take action, and decide what he or she is doing: playing or working, or both.

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NERO publishing, Rome
Fucking Good Art, Rotterdam

Fucking Good Art is a travelling artists' magazine or editorial project for research in-and-through art. We are interested in: oral history, anthropology, documentary, modes of investigative art, counter- and sub cultures, self-organisation and DIT (do-it-together) strategies, resistance and anarchism, and models outside the art market. We have a participatory strategy and are by nature highly sensitive to the context we are in.

Fucking Good Art HQ
Rotterdam / Berlin
Artists and editors – Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma
First issue December 2003